Saturday, May 19, 2007

Call the Doctor! The series is flatlining!

Is it just me, or is Doctor Who beginning to lose it? Since they brought it back, I've watched it religiously, but now I'm beginning to get the feeling I'm watching it out of routine than of any actual desire to watch it. The last episode of this new series I actually enjoyed was the Shakespeare one; the rest have been pretty... meh. And it's definitely not the acting - Tennant and Agyeman are brilliant leads, but they're being bogged down by non-stories and tired writing.

Take tonight's episode. After that Mark Gatiss one (which me and my mum jokingly called "the Beast of Royston Vasey"), we had to wait two weeks for a decent episode that didn't involve some sort of premise straight out of a 50s' B-movie. Instead, what we got was a total re-hash of the Satan Pit two-parter from the last series, which was one of my favourites. The crew of a grimy, failing spaceship caught in mortal peril, being systematically possessed/destroyed by an evil presence within their own ranks - but instead of the Devil, we have an evil sentient sun. O-kay...There was this whole secret supposedly attached to Michelle Collins' character, but then it turned out to be that she scanned the sun for fuel instead of life. I was left mentally squawking, "W-w-wait! That was it?"

It seems the writers are fast running out of steam. The focus seems to be on the flashy ideas rather than the actual stories. Can anyone tell me what the point of that Motorway episode was? And the Daleks are becoming way, way overused. Instead of running to hide behind the sofa, I'm falling asleep on it. Exterminate, you say? My f-ing pleasure.

C'mon. The old Doctor Who ran for over twenty years; surely to God there must be some more old villains, other than Daleks and Cybermen, to draw on. Like the Master, for instance. Or - hell - I'd even welcome an episode of that green bubble-wrap monster. Anything apart from bloody Daleks.

Well, I'm off to watch some Scrubs. Puppy-eyed J.D is the only doctor I feel like watching these days.

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