Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Don't feed the plotbunny...

I wonder if this happens to anyone else. I'm certain it does, but it seems to happen to me whenever I'm inspired to write something.

Although my brain is currently living in first century Scotland during the Flavian/Agricolan invasion, I did have a vague idea for a murder mystery (of all things) set during the second century, on the Antonine Wall. It wasn't even that much. I had a premise, the central "detective" character, and a victim.

'Course, I had to go think about it some more, and that's when the plotbunny began to grow. And at a radioactive mutant-like rate. Now, instead of a simple case of "Legatus legionis, on the via principalis, with the pugio" (yay gratuitous military terms), what I have is a story about the Antonine Wall, its occupation, and the Pictish attacks that forced the Romans to abandon it and pull back to Hadrian's Wall. It's not on the same scale as the Flavian novel I'm researching for at the moment, but it's big.

Hm. I wonder if I should do a series.

No. Bad Kirsten. No biscuit.

That bumping, thudding sound you hear is an idea running fast away - with me still barely clinging to it.

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