Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Scottish Historical Exam

Having just finished The Boar Stone, I started looking about for more books set in ancient Scotland, but only ended up with screeds and screeds of Scottish romance novels. Nothing inherently wrong with that - I'll read anything that sounds good - but eventually they all ended up sounding exactly the same, with Lachlan McLean, the tortured alpha-male laird of Dunglen or some other made-up fief. Which was why it was such a relief - and a laugh - to find The Scottish Historical Exam here.

Very funny, and very good for showing all the most well-known clich├ęs. I had to give a big "lol" to points 11 and 12. Hmm... maybe when I finish with the Roman invasions, I'll start looking into some novels about Clan Campbell. Poor, maligned Clan Campbell. We're not evil. We're just misunderstood. Really.


slpenney said...


Have you read Diana Galbaldon's "Outlander" Series? Big fat books that are wonderful.

Kirsten Campbell said...

I haven't actually, but I keep seeing the name crop up during my search. They sound really good, so I think I might just have a look next time I'm in Waterstone's.