Saturday, June 30, 2007

Doctor Who finale




Sorry, still reeling from the amazingness that was the final episode of Doctor Who. I think there are still red marks on my face from where I was clutching it. It's been a long, loooong time since I read/watched something where I was so convinced the mains had no chance of getting out alive. I'm so, so happy the series managed to get back on form during its second half - I was beginning to think it was circling the drain there for a while. But, this last episode was one of the best yet, definitely. F-ing brilliant writing complemented, as always, by its stellar cast. Tennant and Agyeman acted their socks off (as always) and John Simms was just deliciously evil as the Master (I knew he was going to be coming back. I have the Shining as far as these things go, lol!) Not to mention that total surprise about the eventual fate of good old Cap'n Jack. Sad to see Martha leaving, though. I was hoping she'd stay on.

I'm a happy little sci-fi fangirl. I was almost ready to give up on Doctor Who, but my faith is totally restored. I just hope that in the next series, they don't throw in so many dud episodes where the only worthwhile part is the last five minutes where there's some hint for the last episode.

Great. Bloody great. And it's so welcome, especially seeing as the prospects for our intended holiday down to London are looking a bit leery.

Ah, well. Can't wait till Christmas!

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