Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh, my Goddess!

So the time has come. I knew I was eventually going to have to confront this particular issue at some point.

One of the protags, Gairea, is about to begin her Druidess training. Now, in my version of first century Scotland, the Druid order strives to maintain a balance between the sacred masculine and feminine, with the male Druids being caretakers of the male power, the yang (for want of a more accurate term), and the Druidesses taking care of the yin. That is, the focal points of their worship are a father god and a mother goddess. The "guise" these deities take is localised depending on the totems and/or religious practices I've assigned each tribe, and also to various reasons that probably only make sense in my head, but at their core they are these two all-encompassing deities: the "God" and the "Goddess".

Anyway, since Gairea's female, and my main PoV window into the druidic aspect of the story, the religious focus is likely to slant more to the "Goddess" side of things. I've got some characters who can even the odds a bit, but at the moment I'm having to work hard to make sure I don't end up mired in the clichés of so many feministly reimagined historical novels.

In other words, I don't want to come off as some hack Marion Zimmer Bradley wannabe. One of my pet peeves in fiction is blatant authorial messages, whether I agree with the author's stance or not, and another is PC stuff forced into novels set in decidedly un-PC times.

So far, after skimming the Rules for Feministly Reimagined Historical Fiction (linked to above), I think I've managed to avoid most of the most pertinent clichés. And I've even turned the menstruation rule on its head and ended up with a good wee bit of comic relief, one which I think all women will be able to relate to! :D

But I'll have to see how the rest of it goes. No doubt this will become more of an issue in the near future, when I really get into the thick of it...

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