Monday, November 26, 2007

Aaaargh *brainmelt*

(The scene: a large pile of very thick books, all of which have either the phrase Celtic or Roman Britain in the title. The pile moves a little, then suddenly they go flying as Kirsten surfaces from under the pile, screaming, "No, Agricola, I don't care what your policy with the procurators was!!")

Ye-eah... if it isn't already obvious, the weekend was fairly stressful on the coursework front. Managed to stagger out of my Latin test on Friday, dazed. No time to recover, however, since I had a Celtic essay and my Archaeology worksheet to finish off for Monday (or so I thought... details to come). I had it all worked out time-wise, but suddenly before I knew it, it was midnight on Sunday and I was two hundred words over my limit for the Celtic essay and trying desperately to cut it down. Argh! How was I supposed to be able to write an essay on the effects of Romanisation in Britain in just two thousand words?!? This is counting Scotland and Ireland, too! And talk about uniformity of quotes - the only contemporary author I could turn to was Tacitus. The quote book didn't have any of the quotes I needed, however, so I had to rummage around for my own copy of the Agricola. (geekdom has its perks!)

So, anyway, managed to trim some stuff (still two hundred words over - going to pay for that, aren't I?), but it was now past one and I still hadn't finished off my worksheet. Damndamndamndamn. I give it a shot, thinking if I have to give up sleep for a night then so be it, but temperamental websites and various technical difficulties made it impossible to do anyway. So I end up having to print out a hard copy in the morning to hand-write.

Needless to day, I slept in on Monday morning. Just managed to get into Latin in time, with essay and worksheet in my back. After Latin I go to hand in my essay - only to find out that it wasn't actually due in till Wednesday! %$@^&!!!$ "F**k it," I think, "it's done." So I hand it in and go up the library to get the worksheet done - to be handed in that afternoon. Barely get that done - still scribbling away on strange Neolithic artefacts in the middle of my Celtic lecture.

Lecture is on Celticity in Britain and Ireland. Halfway through, it hits me - I wrote 2000+ words on the Romans in Britain and didn't even mention Boudica once! Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Surely to God that's instant fail!!

Worksheet gets handed in, give or take some answers which even I don't think are right, and I stumble to the underground to go home, still thinking omgdidn'tputboudicainmycelticessayandonlyquotedtacitusasaclassicalauthorgonnafailgonnafail, wonder if it'd be possible to rework the essay tonight or tomorrow night and hand it on the appropriate day.

Decided against that. I'm just going to say - with some reservations - what's done is done, and it now frees up the rest of my week (I'm not going near my Archaeology essay till this weekend at least). Only problem, after that essay, I don't think I can bear to go near Agricola or the first century for a few days. I think I might have to take a holiday to the Antonine Wall, see if Centurion Cocceius Firmus is free this week...

No, I'm not a Monday person.


Jack Dixon said...

Now that was a post to close the night on. Thank you for that, Kirsten! I don't know how you do it.

I hope all goes well with Mr. Firmus, and that the stress will melt away. Talk to you soon.


Kirsten Campbell said...

Er... you're welcome. XD

I guess that despite my brain being completely frazzled, I'm just glad that my biggest worry these days is not including a certain historical figure in one essay.

Firmus is the sort who thrives on discipline, so he's one of the only characters who does what I tell him, lol! Plus his is a true story, so he really has no say in the matter, mwahaha!

Anyway, I'll finish up here. Must go to bed. Amongst other things, I have my Celtic tutorial tomorrow, and he hinted we might be looking at Tacitus. This should be interesting...

Crystal said...

LOL! I know what you mean, I just helped my daughter with an Essay. We had 5 pages written down when she informs me that it can only be TWO! Well, hell....

Hope you end getting a good grade on it;)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Thanks very much, Crystal. I do, too, but I'm not getting my hopes up. :(

Crystal said...
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