Monday, November 12, 2007

Gaia Avatars!

All right, so I'm probably the only person who's just come across this. That's right, it's the GaiaOnline avatar-making site. My sister has hours of fun with it, so I gave it a whirl, trying to make little anime versions of the characters from my book. My favourite so far is Cathal, battle-fury of the Epidii tribe:

In't he cute? (Btw, I doubt the Picts fought with katanas, but it was the best I could do, lol!)


Jack Dixon said...

Perhaps Cathal is a time-travelling, jet-setting, Samurai-trained Pict. That would explain both his katana and his battlefield prowess.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Lol, and his proficiency at haiku.

Cherry blossoms fall
Like so many Roman skulls.
The Ninth Legion - pwned!

Jack Dixon said...

Lol. That's great.

Sorry for my ignorance...what's 'pwned'?

Kirsten Campbell said...

Oh - it's a deliberate misspelling of "owned", that's all.