Thursday, November 8, 2007

Latin results

Got the results for my first Latin test back today. Could have gone better, I suppose, but it could also have gone much worse. I didn't do nearly as badly as I'd thought, though I'm still annoyed that most of the bits I got really wrong were things I KNEW. And if I hadn't been so panicky, I would've got them right, too. >:(

Still, I did well on my translations, so that bodes well.

Had a museum session for Archaeology on Wednesday as well, looking at some of the Antonine Wall slabs. And I could even translate bits of them! Well - all right - I don't suppose it takes too many brain cells to work out that an inscription reading "TITO AELIO HADRIANO ANTONINO AVG PIO" is a dedication to Antoninus Pius, but at least I could feel all smug at recognising it was in the Dative case! XD

God, I'm sad.

I guess I need to start working on not getting so bloody panicky.


Jack Dixon said...

Excellent, Kirsten!

Yes, you must definitely get past the panicky thing. Your innate intelligence is quite evident. I have no doubt you will master all that you pursue, since you obviously put a lot of energy into it. Overconfidence would be tragic, of course, but the proper measure would be a well-founded asset.

I'm working on a reply to your post to my blog, and I'll have it up soon. It was nice to hear back from you.


Kirsten Campbell said...

Thanks very much, Jack!

Yes, the panicky thing is something that's given me a lot of trouble in all my exams, but I'm working on it.

Time was a bit of an issue, too, but at least it seems I'm not the only one who thought that. I think they tried to cram a bit too much into a 50-minute test. At least I got it finished, though. Not everyone did.

I'll nip over to your blog now, see what you've written.

Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement!

Jack Dixon said...

Hi, Kirsten. Any time. I'm pleased you did well.

Wasn't anything new on my blog when you visited, but I've updated it now. The weekend was pretty hectic.

Have a great week. Chat with you soon.