Thursday, November 15, 2007


Got my first essay for Celtic Civ. back today. I got an A3!! Hurray!

I wasn't expecting anything as good as that; I wasn't even expecting the thing to pass. Though I think I freaked out my tutor a bit - I kind of squawked, "What?" when he told me.

Haha! I passed my Celtic essay! :D :D :D

Now I'd better go. Scrubs is on.


Crystal said...

Just passing thru and I have been reading your blog and find it extremely interesting! Hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog roll?

Congrats on the essay:0)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Hi, Crystal!

No, I don't mind at all. Thanks very much! Though I'm a bit confused as to why anyone would find my random mumblings interesting! XD

Thanks again, and I'll have to come over and check out your blog!

Crystal said...

I oe day hope to travel to Scotland, Ireland and England. I find everything about the UK fascinating! Plus, you have some interesting things to say!
Enjoy your evening!!