Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Was told this morning by a friend that I've been - effectively - chucked out of our group of flatmates for next year. She was genuinely apologetic about it, and I wouldn't be so annoyed if the reason hadn't been so odd. And unfair, from where I'm standing. In essence, I'm being shunted aside for a "theoretical" person. Lovely.

Minorly p-ed off right now.


Crystal said...

Hope it all gets worked out for you...hugs..

Jack Dixon said...

Okay, maybe I'm just a bit ignorant...what the hell is a "theoretical" person? One who only exists in their minds? One who has captivating theories on particle physics? Or did she mispronounce "theatrical", meaning a thespian of some sort? In any event, Kirsten, it seems it may just be more their loss than yours in the end. Hang in there, wee Pict. It'll work out for you. I'm sure of it.

Crystal said...

I totally agree with Jack! Chin up sweet;0)

Crystal said...

Hey sweet, just thinking about you and thought I would say hello. Hope everything is going well and your just really busy.

Have a great weekend sweet;0)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Hiya, Crystal, thanks a lot. (hugs) Aye, I'm fine, I just had an essay to hand in for Archaeology today so that ate up my time over the last couple of days. I'm good, though, should be back on form tomorrow. Have a great weekend yourself!

Jack - "theoretical" was just the word I used, as in someone who doesn't actually seem to exist right now. Sorry for any confusion. Still annoyed, but I'm just going to put it out of my mind for now.

Thanks to both of you for your encouragement, and again, have a great weekend!