Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holidays and essays and pirates, oh my!

I'm in a much better mood than I was on Wednesday, mostly because term ended yesterday! Hurray! Technically, it ended for me on Thursday, since I don't have anything on a Friday, but I had to go in anyway to hand in my Archaeology essay (the importance of artefacts vs. monuments in assessing the impact of the Roman Empire in Scotland). I'm hoping the marker will find a gem of coherent thought in it somewhere, but I think I waffled a lot of rubbish for 1800 words.

And on Thursday, I got my second Celtic essay back. I got an A-! Even better than the last one, really, since this one was being marked more strictly, and according to my tutor, the Roman Britain question was probably the hardest out of all the ones given. Typical. He told me I could have touched more on certain details (though he didn't even mention my omission of Boudicca, hm), but I did a good job with such ahuge topic. Well, that was a relief! Got my Archaeology field notebook back, too. The comments were mostly positive; I made some good notes in some places, but I could have done with some more detail in others. Fair dos.

And, after all that, I've got exams in January, so although I'm technically on holiday, I'll probably keep working up until Christmas. (sighs) No rest for the wicked. I also met a friend from school in town, and we were talking about getting everyone together for a reunion. We'll have our work cut out for us in trying to arrange that...

In other news, the wreckage of one of the infamous Captain Kidd's ships has been discovered in the Caribbean, so right now I'm watching PotC to celebrate. (waves her tiny, solitary Norrington fangirl flag)

And now my brain's free, so my characters are running back in gleefully. I've got to get chapter six finished tonight: it's turning into the Council of Elrond and killing my soul at the same time.


Crystal said...

WOOHOO!! Good job on the A-!!!! Sometimes we can be our own worst critic! I'm glad your doing well and your mood has lightened. All the stress of the holidays and then school can be overwelming. I went through it too, plus having two kids to take care of. But, I LOVED every minute of it!

Interesting news about the Captain Kidd find, I hadn't watched the news lately, when was it discovered?

Kirsten Campbell said...

Yes, much relieved! I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to coursework (as I think I made obvious in another post...) I KNOW I'm my own worst critic. But bring on the holiday stress, I say! The end result makes it all worthwhile. ;)

The Captain Kidd thing was interesting, and I'm not usually into pirate history. I only heard about in passing, but it was in an article in Saturday's paper, so it was discovered just the other day, off Catalina island. I might go rummaging for extra info over the next few days. Gotta love a sunken pirate ship!

Crystal said...

I hear you sweet! The kids have been watching Pirates of the Caribbean over and over again! I have to admit, I like them too;0)