Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish everyone all the best for the new year. Have a very happy, healthy 2008. Hope everyone has had a great Hogmanay! (raises glass of Irn-Bru)

And remember those targets I set for myself? Well, I... didn't meet them. :( Revisions with the plot ended up with two having to be pushed quite a bit back, and as for the others - turns out I didn't have enough time to write as I'd wanted, and when I did have some time, I was a procastinating bugger. 'Nuff said. Still, I got some edits and revisions done, and managed to work out some kinks in the plots of all my NiPs. So it's not all bad. :)

So my New Year's resolution is not to be a procastinating bugger.

Aye, right.



Gabriele C. said...

Happy New Year, Kirsten.

Hm, I don't do resolutions since I never keep them, but I should not be a procrastination bugger as well. :)

Crystal said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, I have faith in you:) Happy New Year.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Gabriele - Thank you. I don't normally make resolutions, either, for the same reason, but after my unproductive December, I think I should. (smiles guiltily)

Crystal - Thank you very much! Happy New Year!

Gabriele C. said...

And because the way to hell is plastered with resolutions ....

here's a little history meme for you to procrastinate. :)

Crystal said...

Kirsten, just saw this and I HAVE TO WATCH IT!! Didn't know if you had already seen it or even heard about it. It looks SO good!

The movie:
The Last Legion


Co-adapted by Tom Butterworth and Jez Butterworth from Valerio Massimo Manfredi's bestselling historical adventure novel, Doug Lefler's period epic The Last Legion unfurls c. 470 A.D., just prior to the fall of the colossal Roman Empire. As the most recent in a long line of Caesars, a young Roman child, Romulus (Thomas Sangster) is poised to inherit the throne - until Germanic forces invade, lay siege to the city, and brutally murder his parents. At the last second, with his life hanging by a thread, Romulus receives the protection of military commander Aurelius (Colin Firth), who assembles a cadre of rebels, including Romulus, the boy's magician instructor Ambrosinus (Sir Ben Kingsley) and the Indian female warrior Mira (Aishwarya Rai). After Romulus discovers an enchanted sword once claimed by Julius Caesar, the troupe heads out to the province of Britannia and Hadrian's Wall. There, the men will regroup with the Ninth Legion and plan one final triumphant stand against the barbarian invaders of Rome. ~

I thought of you when I saw it and had to come share!!

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, except it has nothing in common with history except the names Odovacar and Romulus Augustulus. :)

History Spork sporked it something good. :)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Crystal, I saw that advertised. It was on at the cinema, but I never got around to going to see it, even though I wanted to. Was slightly discouraged by the reviews slamming the historical inaccuracies.

Lol, Gabriele, that was hilarious! Almost like Mystery Science Theater for history geeks! :)

I think I still might rent it when it comes out on DVD, if only to spork myself. I get a sort of perverse joy out of that sort of thing. >:)
Still, I did quite enjoy King Arthur despite everything (the legions leaving Britannia in AD 467? Whaaaat??), but that may have had more to do with Clive Owen than anything else...

Gabriele C. said...

It must have been Clive. :)

There's a King Arthur spork on that blog as well. Plus Gladiator, Braveheart and assorted other hysterical historical movies.

K.A. Denby said...

Would you be so kind to tell me what a NiP is? Thanks!

Kirsten Campbell said...

Kristopher - NiP stands for "novel in progress". Sorry this reply's a bit late in coming.