Monday, December 17, 2007

Io, Saturnalia!

Yes, it's 17 December, which means it's the first day of the Saturnalia (or would be, if we were in ancient Rome). It also means it's a week till Christmas Eve and I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet - erk!

Good news, however, I finally finished chapter six today. It took me longer than I thought it would. Seems that every single chieftain had their wee tuppenceworth to throw in, then someone mentioned the Iceni and that started off a whole new argument. (sighs) And Calgach just wouldn't stop with the speechifying. I told him, there'd be plenty of time for that later - like, say, the Battle of Mons Graupius - but apparently he just couldn't wait until then. Hmph.

Now I shall skip off to start chapter seven. Perhaps things might actually start happening now.


Crystal said...

LOL! I finally finished my shopping this weekend! WOOHOO! Glad it's over and I can sit back and enjoy!

Glad to hear your making progress on your story, before you know it you'll be done and zooming right into another one!;)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Bah. I'm jealous. I've still got a few bits and pieces to get. The main problem is my mum's prezzie. It's her birthday earlier in the month, so first I spend ages trying to work out what to get her for that, then immediately after that I have to look for something to get her for Christmas. Apart from that, though, it's mostly done! :D

Jack Dixon said...

Hmmm. I guess I'd better get off my duff and get reading! Too much backlog freaks me out!

That Calgach - always having soooo much to say, eh? He's an eloquent fellow, though - when he's not brooding. I picture him brooding a lot. I don't know why. Man of few words when he is, though.

That London Book Festival honorable mention really spiked my Amazon sales. I guess some readers really do follow those things.

Crystal said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Besides that parents can be more difficult to buy for than ourselves! I never know what to get them.

So, question for you and if Jack wants to answer, the more the merrier!!

With in reason, mind you...What will you want for Christmas this year if you could have it? It can be something material or just a wish you have always wanted to come true!

Hope your having a good Tuesday! I'll check back later;)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Crystal - arents ARE the worst, aren't they? The worst thing is that me and my mum like pretty much the same things, so there's the danger we'll end up getting each other the same things (it's happened before!). We've got to cross-ref our ideas with my dad to make sure!

What I want for Christmas... hmm... that's a tough one. My Christmas list this year includes the boxset of I, Claudius and various books, but if I could have it, I think I'd wish for my mum to be well. What about you?

Jack - congrats on the Amazon sales! I imagine some folks will have The Pict wrapped up under their Christmas tree this year.

Yep, Calgach, very opinionated, very eloquent, but damn it all - plenty of time for fancy speeches later, courtesy of Tacitus! AND he managed to fit some angst into the last half-page. (shakes head.) He and Marcus should start a society. And now wee Garnat's desperate to prove himself to world. Ah, the tangled webs we weave.

Jack Dixon said...

What for Christmas / Saturnalia...hmmm, let's see. You stipulated within reason, Crystal, but I'm going to slip that bond because I've already gotten most of what I could reasonably want. If I get more, it's a bonus.

So... the health and welfare of my family; peace on earth, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Washington DC; a new president... wait... we're already getting that... okay, that one doesn't count; a car stereo that's iPod-ready, because I hate CDs.

[Disclaimer: this is by no means a political blog, and I have no intention of making it one. It's just what I really, truly, deeply want for Christmas.]

How about you?


Jack Dixon said...

Thanks, Kirsten, for the congrats! It's nice to think that The Pict will be a Christmas gift for some. I know of one couple in England, friends of a friend, who are getting the hard cover from him as a gift. It's a little surreal, a story that came out of my head ending up under Christmas trees so far away, gifts for people I'll never know, who will (I hope) enjoy it.

I don't remember if I shared with you the latest review - it pleased me well. If I didn't, here it is: I suppose that if being too short is the worst flaw, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm just going to have to give Calach more freedom to do his thing in the expanded version...

Crystal said...

kirsten- I read that about I, Claudius and laughed! My mom has the 12 tape set! She got it about 10 years ago and was around 150.00. Now, I see that they come in DVD but don't know if the price came down since then...I love watching them when mom pulls them out.

I think my Christmas wish for me would be, for a present...Cleopatra. The one with Elizabeth Taylor in it. I love watching the Egyptian movies! As far as anything else would be for world peace and for the well being and happiness of my children.

As far as anything else, I'm pretty simple. Candles make me smile so if I had to let someone get me a gift it would be that. I love smelling all the wonderful smells!

Thank you both for playing along!!

Kirsten Campbell said...

Jack - you're welcome! And I believe more congrats are in order. Very nice review. :D (What's this I hear about an "expanded version"? Is this a definite thing, or...?)

It must be a strange - but good! - feeling to think about that story from your head ending up as a gift for some perfect strangers.

Crystal - Lol, I was strolling through Virgin at the start of the month, and I noticed the entire I,C series boxset had a big "£20" sticker on the front. I'd already been resolving to buy it, because I saw Derek Jacobi in an episode of Doctor Who this year and I've developed a whole new interest in the Emperor Claudius (I love my Roman emperors!). So all month I've been saying to my parents, "Yeah... if you're stuck for anything to get me this year, the entire I, Claudius is only £20 in Virgin... you know... if you're stuck..."

I like Cleopatra, too! Only seen it once, but I love the ancient Egyptians. And mummy movies. Yeah. XD

Good talking again!

Crystal said...

Ah sweet, Mummy movies are the BEST! Have you seen The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King?? Our family loves them! It's that type of movie you can watch OVER AND OVER again, LOL!

My mom doesn't even watch Christmas movies during Cristmas time...She watches The Mummy!

Kirsten Campbell said...

I LOVE the Mummy films! They're real good-fun movies!

Lol, they've had them on the telly at Christmas the last few years. I'm still trying to work out the connection...

My favourite film when I was about four was the Hammer Horror version of The Mummy. Christoper Lee's mummy has such sad eyes. :( And the Boris Karloff one is so good, too. The way he comes back to life at the start is so... (shivers)...

Lol, I think I need to go and watch one of them now!