Monday, December 3, 2007

Writing targets

I've never actually set myself any targets before, but I thought I should. I thought this would help give me some discipline, so I can get all these things written. I'm going to concentrate mostly on The Ancestor Crown, and I've set some targets for where I want things to be by the New Year. So, by the time the Bells start chiming and everyone starts singing Auld Lang Syne:

*Marcus should be fighting in Galloway.
*Gairea should have started her Druid training.
*Calgach should, if not physically be with the Novantae, then ready to travel to them.
*Agricola should be in Scotland and, at the very least, preparing for Tuathal's departure to Argyll.
*Cathal should already have appealed once to King Nechtain to join the Caledones' battle against the legions.

Hmm. That's quite a tall order. I'll see if I manage to make them. I've never done anything like this before, and I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.

Well, I'd better make a start!


Crystal said...

Are you going to post any of your story or is it something your trying to get published? Sounds like it's going to be GOOOD!!

Jack Dixon said...

You should go for it, Kirsten - let loose with reckless abandon. You can always double back and change anything that needs changing later. Have fun with it and let the action run off where it will for now.

I wrote a chapter that was all Calach's, just after he lost Fiona. Never intended to make it part of the book. He did things we'll keep forever between him and me. I felt he needed it at the moment. He got it all out, and we moved on.

I see he's been in better spirits since he's taken to cranking you about his place in AC. The brief unhindered rage must have done him some good. Tell 'im hello for me, would ya?

Kirsten Campbell said...

To Crystal: I'm desperately hoping that one day, one day I can finish and polish up The Ancestor Crown for publication. In the meantime, however, I suppose I could post the odd snippet or two from time to time, if you're interested...

Jack: Lol, it seems getting his emotions out has been a very healing experience. Just enough for me to stand him up, dust him off and thrust him into a brand new bunch of "issues". (shakes head) Poor guy.

I've written many a chapter that's never going to see the light of day. The very first scene I wrote for this doesn't actually appear now - ever. And I wrote a chapter that dealt with Marcus' backstory - did some crazy research for it and all - and now I don't think it's even going to go in. I don't really write flashback sequences.

(Btw, I'm not asking this to nag you - not at all - only have you emailed me about chapter 2 yet? It's just that I think my email has had some technical hiccup and lost some of my incoming messages (long story short). If you have emailed me back over the weekend, then I haven't received it. 'Course, if you haven't gotten around to it yet, then just ignore all of this.

Jack Dixon said...

Hi, Kirsten! No, I haven't e-mailed you yet about chapter 2. I've read through it once as a 'reader,' and I'm about halfway through it as a 'reviewer.' I should be getting to the e-mail later this evening, or possibly tomorrow. For now I have only one word - EXCELLENT! - upon which I'll expound later. Very nicely done, Kirsten.

I'll talk to you soon. Bye!


Kirsten Campbell said...

Ah, that's fine, then. I was getting a bit worried - I had an unusually email-free weekend, then when a friend tried to send me something this morning, it didn't show up at all. I did get a couple of messages this afternoon, but hers wasn't among them, so I'm worried a whole weekend's worth of email has just somehow disappeared into the ether. Just wanted to check if yours might've been one of them, but that's fine.

(Ah, the suspense! XD )

Crystal said...

YES I'M INTERESTED!!! WRITE WOMAN WRITE!!!!LOL! I would Love to read your work.

Have a good evening!