Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy (lol) Gildas' Day

So, it seems this is the Feast of Saint Gildas. That's apt, I suppose, considering our tutorial reading for this week is from the Ruin of Britain, and also because I've been feeling miserable and grumpy all day.

Side-note: I wonder how you're supposed to honour ol' Gildas. Lambast your neighbours' lifestyles over the fence and call them names? Reminisce on how things were bad in the good old days, but worse even now?

Anyway, I'm choked with the cold. There seems to be a swathe of lurgies going around right now and, true to form, I've caught one. My nose can't decide if it's blocked or runny (one nostril's doing one thing and the other's doing another), and I'm ploughing my way through the tissues. Got a sore head, and my brain has turned to mush. It didn't help, then, that for Latin I had to translate some of Augustus' Res Gestae (basically, telling the world how successful and marvellous he was). Combine formal Latin, a beginner's slippery grasp of the perfect tense, and a brain made of mush, and you can imagine that was no easy task. Plus I'm pretty sure Powell has made a spelling mistake somewhere in the book.

And I ended up falling asleep when I got home in the evening, so I'll probably be up all night now. grumble, grumble And I have to get up at six again to be at uni for nine. Hardly seems worth it, since the only thing I have on a Wednesday is my Latin tutorial, so it's in then straight back out again. I'll see if I can manage to haul myself out bed when the time comes. grumble, grumble...

On a more positive note, I got my Archaeology essay back. I got 19 out of 22, which, now I've checked the handbook, is in the A category. :D

Exam results aren't out yet, though. I'll wait with bated breath for them.

Sorry about such a moaning non-post. I've managed to slip more or less back into my routine, however, so I should be back to blogging in the next couple of days.


Crystal said...

Sure is a lot of grumbling goin on over there;) Sorry you feel bad, the weather is playing tricks on everyone this year. Get to feeling better and GOOD JOB on the A!! WOOT:o) Have a good day and I hope you do make it to class!

Kirsten Campbell said...

Thanks, Crystal. Yep, everyone seems to have something right now. My Archaeology lecture on Tuesday was a laugh. I'm up the back, sniffing loudly, and several others were coughing down the front. It was quite musical, really, lol!

I got to my tutorial... just. Head felt like cotton wool, though, and I could barely speak. And as for the Latin part? Forget it! Could barely remember where I was, let alone how to form the perfect tense!

Good news is, I'm feeling a lot more cheerful than I did yesterday! The grumbling seems to have stopped... at least for now.

Crystal said...

LOL! Well, I think every now and again we all deserve to grumble;)

I was going to ask, what ever part of the UK your from, do they still hold the highland games or the Celtic Festivals? Just curious, I'm taking the kids to Dallas, Texas the first Saturday in March. They're having a Celtic Festival there and i've never gotten to go to one.

Seems like it's going to be a lot of fun and Sam is totally excited. She wants to buy a plaid (am I saying that right?) anyway, Will wants to go just to see what it is.

Have you ever attended one? I don't think they're holding any games, just a lot of performers. Don't worry...you know i'll get pictures!!

Kirsten Campbell said...

Well, in Glasgow right now there's a Celtic Connections music thingie going on at the Royal Concert Hall. There's also the annual Cowal Highland Gathering at Dunoon, which is the biggest Highland Games event in the world, but I've never been one for the old caber tossing or shot putting (and I can't stand the sound of bagpipes), so I've never been.

Hope you enjoy the festival! They sound fun. You don't tend to get Celtic/mediaeval-themed festivals in this part of the world, minus the odd historical pageantry event. I've been to some of those, at places like Linlithgow Palace and Dumbarton Castle, back when I was a tiny tot. But they're few and far between. I think they're a purely American thing, Celtic Festivals. I don't even know what they're all about.

Lol, is it a plaid rug or a belted plaid Sam's wanting to get?

Crystal said...

A belted plaid. They make plaid rugs? I can't wait to go just to see all the things they have and maybe get a few momento's. And LOTS of pictures. I think, but i'm not sure, this has something to do with raising money for the MacLeod castle and other things over in the UK and here as well. Of coarse where ever they hold the events a portion goes to them too. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's all about. Have a good weekend and looking forward to maybe..ya know...ahhh...ahem...a cleaned up version of an excerpt??;o) LOL! Have a good evening sweet!!

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, I can't remember how to from the Latin perfect on my better days. And to imagine my grandfather spoke that language. Too bad he died so early, he would have been a better teacher than the jerks at school.

Get better soon.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Crystal - Yeah, you get plaid rugs, basically just big tartan blankets. We used to have one, up until the dog started teething...

But she wants to get a belted plaid, eh? Well, you'd better hope it comes with assembly instructions, lol! I've got a book somewhere with a step-by-step guide to getting one on, with pictures included, of course!

Gabriele - Lol, I have to ask, was your grandfather a Roman?

Yes, the perfect tense is a nightmare. Luckily, all my lecturers and tutors are lovely. No Life of Brian-esque Latin lessons for me! :)

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, my grandfather was a Latin teacher. But he really loved the language and everything Roman.