Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It lives!

Just a rundown of the last week or so, to explain my absence.

Thursday, as I've said, saw me at the doctor's. Not good, since Thursday's a pretty full day at uni, so I missed a lot of stuff. Anyway, I had this livid, sore rash on both shoulders and over my collarbones, which was creeping towards my chest. I got a prescription for two creams from the doctor to see if they could help. The good news is: they did, within the first couple of days. :) Some patches of skin are still a bit dry, but at least the redness and rawness has disappeared, and it's not sore when I wear a long-sleeved top, wash, or generally touch the affected area.

The weekend was spent doing an essay for Celtic Civ, on the changes in Britain during the period AD 400 - 700. I made the mistake of putting off my visit to the library until the Friday, so I didn't get many of the books on the recommendation list. I did get some very decent ones, though. Unfortunately, the essay was a complete, f**king shambles, despite that virtually sleepless night I spent trying to get it tidied up. A sleepless night with bad PMS. You can imagine how that went. (grimace)

(Btw, have you noticed that almost every single book on the Anglo-Saxons has the Sutton Hoo feller as the cover illustration? By one in the morning I was sick of the sight of him.)

Good news, however, I got As for both my Latin and Celtic exams! Archaeology of Scotland won't be tested until the end of this semester.

My Archaeology tutorial yesterday was great! We're doing stuff about materials and their properties, so they had some artefacts from the Hunterian Museum out for us to look at. Lovely things like Stone Age flint arrowheads, Bronze Age socketed axeheads, decorated shards of Samian pottery, leather from a Swedish lake village... things so delicate I was almost too scared to touch them.

I haven't been writing much, unfortunately. Or reading, apart from uni books. I have been listening, though. I've fallen in love with the audiobook section of Waterstone's. My mum's just finished listening to The Children of Húrin read by Christopher Lee (talk about the voice of Saruman, lol!) They also have Seamus Heaney reading his translation of Beowulf. *drools* My sister's birthday is coming up, and I think I might get her I, Claudius read by Derek Jacobi. I got her hooked on the series - she absolutely loved Augustus! - and she liked the sound of the audiobook when I told her about it. She's not really got a lot of patience for reading long books.

As for me, I've now got all the volumes of Old Harry's Game, so I'm very happy. :)

And I've got a Latin test coming up. Better start revising all that new grammar, and I think I should check over the basics as well, just to be on the safe side. Relative pronouns were a bit bewildering at the start, but at least I've got my head round them after today's tutorial. The perfect tense, however, is going to need a lot of revision.

Anyway, that's you filled in on my misadventures. I'd better go; I have a small presentation on Pictish art to prepare. Need to find some decent pictures of the Hilton of Cadboll stone. Uni's such a drag. :)

I should be back within the next couple of days, hopefully with something halfway interesting or entertaining.


Gabriele C. said...

That Sutton Hoo feller is even on the cover of a book about the Saxons in Germany. What he's doing there is beyond me.

Congrats on the exams and good luck with the next ones.

Crystal said...

Glad your back and feeling better. Seems you have been very busy and continue to be! Congrats on the A's, I knew you could do it!

Believe it or not, more and more people are preferring the audio books rather than actually reading it. My mom is always coming home with an audio book to listen to. My preference is still reading the words though. I feel I can use my imagination a little better that way. I wouldn't mind listening to someone's auto-biography or something of that nature through audio books. I might just look into that. Have a good day and have fun at Uni;o)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Don't you just *love* all-nighters? >.<

Congrats on the A's :)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Gabriele - Er... on holiday? Thanks for the congrats.

Crystal - I know what you mean. Nothing quite beats curling up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate for me, but I like to have something to listen to if I'm tidying up or something, especially if there's a good reader.

Thanks for your faith in me, lol!

Celedë - All-nighters are the worst, aren't they? I've had such deep shadows around my eyes that someone, in all seriousness, once asked me if I'd been in a fight!

PS, thank you!

K.A. Denby said...

I don't know how you summon the energy to do even half of that stuff!

Kirsten Campbell said...

zZzz... what? oh... energy. Energy... yeah... zZzZzz...