Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The deed is done.

The deposit's paid. The contract's signed. The lease starts on August 1.

Yep, this little birdie is flying the nest. :)

The admin should be sorted out once and for all by the end of the week. It's a good flat, decent rent and bills, and just a few minutes' walk from the university. And it's going to be four of us sharing. I can't wait.

Should be back later, once I've stopped dancing about with excitement!


Crystal said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!WOOHOOO!!!! I bet you are just GLOWING right now! Good for you sweet! You will have a BLAST and make a lot of GREAT memories!!! You better take LOTS of pictures!!!!

Kirsten Campbell said...

Thanks, Crystal! I'm still bouncing about. Luckily, I've got another three months to get used to the idea. And there'll be pictures, don't you worry about that. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Wow, congrats :) I hope the flat's big enough for the books and plotbunnies ;)

Jack Dixon said...

Congrats, Kirsten!

I hope all's well with you.


Kirsten Campbell said...

Celedë - Thanks! Books, yes; plotbunnies, doubtful. Luckily there's a park nearby where they can scamper to their hearts' content! :)

Jack - Thanks. I'm good. How are you doing?