Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Ugly Duckling? I think not...

Woo-hoo! The cygnets have finally hatched! This year, we have a swan couple nesting on our side of the dam bank, and I was getting a tad worried, 'cause they've been there since April, and there was no sign of any babies, even though the female was sitting diligently on the nest all through May. Good news, though, the babies have finally hatched - five of them! - either yesterday evening, or sometime today. The parents brought them round to show us. :)

Aren't they cute? They seemed healthy enough, cheeping away as they swam around in circles. :)

We've always had a good rapport with the swan families around here. They've been known to come up to the garden in the summer, demanding food. Here's this year's Daddy Swan, affectionately named "Bonzo", paddling on the patio with a couple of tacky gargoyles, and an even tackier pharaoh (Mum's acquisitions; she has a fixation on tacky garden ornaments):

Oh, aye, summer's definitely here! The cat's taking every opportunity to sunbathe on the lawn, and the dog's had his annual haircut (a necessary evil). And it's now only three days till I go down to Northumberland to get digging (well, it's past midnight now, so two days, then!) I've got to pick some things up in town tomorrow (today, rather), then that'll be me all set! Can't bloody well wait! :)


Gabriele C. said...

Aww, cute fluffy birdies.

Have fun in Vindolanda. And try to get near some internet and keep us informed.

Sarah Cuthbertson said...

Oh beautiful cygnets! They haven't had any of those on Springwatch.

Have a great time at Vindolanda. Look forward to reading all about your experiences. Hope the weather's kind. If not you might get to go on one of Andy's Rambles in the Rain. Very educational - and wet.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Gabriele - Aww, indeed. :) I'll do my best to get some Internet and keep you all updated.

Sarah - Thanks! I'll be sure to keep you posted whenever I can.

No, now you mention it, I've not seen any cygnets on Springwatch either. Lucky we've got them in our garden. :)