Thursday, July 10, 2008

More random causes for celebration

I promise, I should be back with a proper post before too long, but in the meantime, here are some things which have been making me hyper today:

So, yeah, the Antonine Wall's now a World Heritage Site. Hurray! And, according to this, there will be an Antonine Wall Centre opening at Glasgow University next year! Woo-hoo! I knew the Hunterian Museum was revamping its Roman exhibit, but I didn't realise they were giving it its own little niche. It'll be good to see all the stuff again; all they've kept on show at the moment are the distance slabs and the altars (including, of course, those dedicated by my favourite centurion, lol).

And, after a good couple of years of hiding, I think the ending of The Ancestor Crown has finally revealed itself to me! Without giving away too much, it'll involve much blood, sweat, and tears. Mostly mine. And several of the main cast will be... er... going into the west. Yeah. Because the days of the Eldar are past and... oh, wait... that's wrong... But several of them are definitely westward-bound. And the general outcome of Marcus' story is not what I expected at all.

And, also, last week's post on prosthetics in antiquity is up on The Celtic Myth Podshow blog as a guest post. It's a site I'm quite fond of, as it's a good place to find Celtic-related links, amongst other things, and Gary, one of the owners and presenters, was dead nice in asking to borrow my post and sprucing it up nicely on his site with pictures. So, of course, I like it even more now! :) (Still can't believe that anyone but me actually pays attention to the drivel that appears on this blog, but that's another story.) My baby words, all growed up and out there on the big, bad Internet all by themselves. (wipes tear)

And my computer's all set up, so I'm finally ready to get back to typing. Last time I looked, Calgacus was stuck in a curragh on a very choppy Firth of Clyde, and feeling decidedly sea-sick. I should go and put him out of his misery.

And that's me for now! I think I'll just go and dance for glee some more. I'd offer you all some virtual Falernian wine, but it looks like the cast drank it all at that party the other night. ;)


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, tell Calgacus he's welcome to use my space ship again. ;)

I so want to come and have a look at the Wall and the new museum (and Stirling Castle which was partly under repair when I got there in 1998). And if I don't find any litter, I'll write an attaboy post. :I

Kirsten Campbell said...

Nah, I'll just leave him. If he wants a confederacy of the tribes, he better be prepared to suffer for it. >:)

I can't wait till the new centre opens. The last time I saw the full Antonine Wall exhibit at the Hunterian was when my primary four class went on a trip as part of our Roman project. That was - what? - 1997? Can't wait to see it all again.

Anonymous said...

Salve Kirsten!

It's very reassuring to see that someone from a younger generation is inspired by and cares about the Stones.


An old Centurion.

Kirsten Campbell said...

...Oh, my God, this blog is haunted! :D

Salve, centurio!

Here's hoping that the Wall's new status will allow those stones to interest and inspire the generations to come, eh?

Anonymous said...

I hope so Kirsten.

Not haunted but rekindled. Thanks for caring.



Gabriele C. said...

*counts characters and looks for missing centurion*

Nope, the lot's still complete. He must have escaped from one of your novels then. :)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Damn. I knew I should have insisted on a roll-call. ;)

Crystal said...

WHO drank all the Falernian wine??? LOL!!!

Kirsten Campbell said...

My characters did. Better watch, Crystal, they'll be after your torte next! :)

Crystal said...

GIRL!! They can have the damn stuff! I'm so sick of sweets at this moment I could scream!

We have a guy that works for us that also knows how to cook...very well...from scratch. This morning he brought in HOMEMADE cinnamon rolls and a DOUBLE chocolate and cherry cake!!!

As we speak and so far I have had THREE cinnamon rolls and THREE slices of that damn cake! Oh I just BLEW my workouts all to hell now didn't I! lol!

Anonymous said...

Salve Amici!

One of your old friends is about to be re-incarnated.

She is soon to be more than just a name on a stone in a museum!


An old Centurion

Kirsten Campbell said...

Ah, welcome back, centurion. I didn't realise you had stopped by. :)

That was a helluva enigmatic remark, though. Care to elaborate? I love reunions with old friends. :)