Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Unesco have announced the good news: the Antonine Wall is now officially a World Heritage Site! Hurray! I've come to the conclusion that the headache I had this afternoon must have been the cast of the Antonine novel having a celebratory party. :)

Let's hope the relevant authorities now do the monument it deserves, eh? There'll be quite a bit of work to do.

And my new laptop arrived this morning! Double hurray! It's all clean and pretty and shiny... and I need to upload all my files before I can get back to my writing. Damn. Oh, well, at least I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

And the worst of the PMS is finally over, so I feel up to writing again. :)


Gabriele C. said...

My characters are having a party in the living room, and they're all before the Antonine Wall was built. Some of them aren't even Roman or British.

They just like to party, and any excuse will work, I'm afraid. ;)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Sounds like my lot. The party was gate-crashed by the cast members from the Flavian and Severan novels. Any excuse for a booze-up. They're just lucky I'm still sorting out my computer. (glares at hungover characters)

Hint: never mix your Falernian wine with your heather ale. Just... don't. :)

Gabriele C. said...

Tell me. I had to throw Arminius and Germanicus out of my sleeping room. :p

Crystal said...

LOL!! Glad that PMS cleared up! lol!! And YAY on getting you a laptop!! I LOVE mine!! Have some fun with it sweet!

Kirsten Campbell said...

Gabriele - Tsk-tsk. You just can't turn your back on those two for a second, can you? :)

The highlight for me was Gairea arm-wrestling Tacitus for the last of the wine. She won.

Crystal - That was seriously the worst PMS I've had in a long time. I'm glad it's over for another month. Now I have a shiny new laptop to do my bidding. Mwahaha!