Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Lughnasadh!

Looks like I spoke too soon on the 50k front. Word count last night at midnight stood at 20,625. Ouch! Not even at the halfway mark. Didn't get much opportunity to write this last week. Real life's a bitch. >.<

Still, that's more than I get written most months. Think I might give it another shot this month, see if I can beat my own record. Mwahaha.

Anyway, the lease on the flat started today. My dad was working today, so I didn't have anyone to help me move my stuff in, but I went over to get my keys from my landlady and pay my first rent. Hurray! I'm so, so excited! :)

There have been a couple of, er, hiccups, so it's just going to be me at first. The others aren't coming up till later. Doesn't matter too much, since it means I've got a week or so to get things sorted out as I like them (for a while, at least), not to mention it means I've got first pick of the rooms. I think I might have the one with the double bed and the armchair, the one that isn't facing onto the main road. :)

I'll be moving in proper on Sunday, so it'll be quite a hectic weekend as I get my things packed and sorted. I'm dreading looking under the bed. I think the plotbunnies I kicked under there have been there for so long they've cross-bred with the dustbunnies. Not to mention it's going to be difficult finding a box big enough to hold Cathal's ego. ;)

So, on that note, I wish you all a very happy Lughnasadh! This was a Celtic harvest festival sacred to the god Lugh, the traditional date being July 31/August 1. Incidentally, August 1 is also the birthday of the Emperor Claudius, who was born at Lyon in France in 10 BC. At that time, Lyon was known as Lugdunum - "the fort of Lug(h)". Nice little coincidence, that. :)

So, happy Lughnasadh, and I'll be back when I've got the broadband in the flat set up.


Gabriele C. said...

Hehe, a double bed means more space for plotbunnies. :)

I hope you'll enjoy your new place.

Crystal said...

Oh I hope you have SO MUCH FUN in your new flat!!!! And I agree with Gabriele...More room for plotbunnies, lol!!!

Blogging Mollie said...
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K.A. Denby said...


Hey, I really need some good HF book recommendations. I'm not fond of HF told by the Roman POV, but I will take any into consideration.

I am particularly fond of anything about the Celts, but just about anything concerning European history will do.

If you have titles that you can recommend, please drop me a line over at my blog. Thanks.

Congrats on the move to the flat!

Crystal said...

I MISS MY KIRSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!