Saturday, September 13, 2008

Internet! Internet! *dances about*

Yes! At long last, we finally have the Internet. Hooray! *waves streamers*

We also finally have a full house here in the Prima Vista (our name for our flat; don't ask), and it's still a blast. Though we did have a bit of - er - drama the other night, though we did manage to avoid an all-out argument. What happened? you ask. Well, Sara and Marion managed to get themselves locked in Marion's room. At half eleven at night. Which meant that Alyson and I, the ones with out common sense still intact, were left with the responsibility of getting them out whilst they sat in there, claiming to be panicking whilst they giggled away. Needless to say, Alyson and I were not impressed. First, we broke several kirby grips trying to pick the lock, then Sara calls out our landlady at half-past twelve. She can't get the lock unstuck, either, despite more attempts to pick it, then a vain search for some WD40. By this point, me and Alyson are just about ready to erupt, so we look out the Yellow Pages for the locksmith pages, but then decide we don't really feel like calling out a complete stranger at half one in the morning. So we let the landlady out then went to bed. We warned the two stooges, of course, who complained a bit ("What if we need the toilet?" "Tough!"), but eventually quietened down. So Alyson and I say goodnight to each other and stalk off to bed.

In the morning we managed to get a locksmith out, after calling about five, who, although their adverts claimed to be twenty-fours hours, didn't seem to be open at half nine, but warned the captives that they were paying the £85 fee. When the locksmith comes out, he laughs, but me and Alyson are still pretty pissed off from the night before, and when Sara and Marion finally do get out, they're very, very quiet.

Still, by the afternoon, all was forgiven, but not forgotten - they ain't living that one down, ever. >:) But I've been told I'm getting a chocolate cake by way of an apology, so it's not all bad. :) We just warned them not to try locking the door again, or we'd knock it in and get 'em.

Welcome to the Prima Vista. Please leave your sanity at the door.

But it's okay, we're all friends again, all eejits and cold-hearted bitches together. ;)

And after my advisor meeting I'm continuing all my subjects from last year. Still think Level Two Celtic Civilisation looks a bit meh, but I need it if I want to do a Joint Honours with Archaeology and Celtic. I'll just have to knuckle down and do it, but it'll be worth it. The Honours courses look great. :)

And what about the writing, since - y'know - this is why I set up this blog in the first place. Well, I've been reading up on the Severan invasion of Caledonia in detail, and it looks like the third book is going to be even more of a sprawling mess than the first. (sighs) I managed to create some serious conflict... completely by accident. I had a minor character, Aelius' uncle Gaius, who I was trying to get rid of. So I decided to stick him in the army, and the first legion that occurred to me was for some reason the Second Parthica. Then, when I started the reading for the Severan novel, it turns out that the Second Parthica was probably involved in the Severan campaigns along with the British legions. Which would mean that Aelius would, effectively, be fighting against his uncle, his only living relative. Not to mention that while the family farm is being burnt down by Dacian raiders and Aelius is being pretty much press-ganged by some Druids, Gaius will be in Italy or Britain, so he'll most likely think Aelius is dead until he learns the truth about the identity of "Argentocoxos"...

Ooh... can't you just feel that conflict smouldering? ;) I think Gaius might even become a main character at this rate. And to think I was just trying to stop the plot from being too much like Star Wars...

...but that's another moan for another time, I think.

Like I said, sprawling mess.

And it's only an hour and twenty minutes till my birthday! Woo-hoo! See you later, and I'll try to get back into the blogging spirit soon...


Gabriele C. said...

Yay, Kirsten's back in the webworld. *dances* Now we can take over the Nano forums. :)

And Happy Birthday to you!

Kirsten Campbell said...

(dances along with you)

Oh, yes, with our combined legions we shall conquer the forums of NaNo. (dusts off purple toga) :)

K.A. Denby said...

Third book? Where do we read the first two?
By the way, thankee for the list of HF that you sent me. Unfortunately, some of those I have already looked for and are very hard to come by here in the "states".


Kirsten Campbell said...

Well, if you have mind-reading skills, I suppose you could read 'em that way. :) I'm sort of writing all three of them at the same time. In theory I'm writing the first book right now, but... yeah...

You're welcome. Some of those books are hard to get over here too, at least in bookshops. You might have more success online.