Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nope, still not up yet...

...but we should be getting set up on the 11th, so I should be back in the blogosphere soon. *fingers very crossed*

I'm staying over with my family tonight (wow, that's weird to say), so I can use my laptop to get the Net. :)

Still having a blast. One of our party isn't moving in till Monday, but we're still having a ball. Still watching kids' TV, and getting far too into it. Alyson, one of my flatmates, has a new Xbox 360, so Sara and I've been watching her play Assassin's Creed and mocking. The game, that is, not her. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but ever since I introduced them to Mystery Science Theater 3000 via Teenagers from Outer Space, all we seem able to do is mock every movie/video game we put on.

We're sane. Really. Honest. Yep.

Last night we quoted our way through Muppet Treasure Island and Hercules. And sang all the songs. Because obviously that's compulsory. ;) Then we MST'd the last half hour of Van Helsing. Because that's also compulsory.

Nothing much else to post, but here are a couple of pics. Here's my room:

And a slightly blurry close-up of the window-ledge, which now serves as a bookshelf for my keepers. All neatly ordered by height... er...

And here's my bed, with its SERIOUSLY PINK duvet cover. Honest, it didn't look that bright in the catalogue. Yep, there's more books crammed into the nightstand. And a Tonberry plush. Alyson has a Moogle and Sara has a Cactuar, so we managed to unite the trinity of cute Final Fantasy creatures. Ultimate Geek Flat a-go-go!

And my desk. Yup, with more books. And my DVDs. And my various video games. I was donated the family's Wii upon moving out. Yay!

And a shot of my laptop, where the magic happens, under the watchful gaze of a Roman sentry. That's Marcus, my little guy from Vindolanda, btw. He's now been joined in his vigil by Zidane from Final Fantasy IX, Auron from Final Fantasy X, and Teddy Cadfael (well, what would you call a toy bear in a monk's habit?).

Oh, and speaking of Marcus...

OMG WTF SPQR super-special-awesome plot twist! Who knew Marcus had an identical twin brother in the legions? That's Steve, and he belongs to Alyson. As she remarked, "Wow, you can totally tell we visit the same places."

So, see you when I see you! I''ll be up at the uni again on the 9th for a meeting with my advisor (my lovely, good-looking, Irish advisor!) so I'll drop in the library then for some more catching up.

Oh... and it's only ten days till my birthday! (bounces off walls)

Good to be back (sort of)!


Gabriele C. said...

Looks like you're having a blast.

Now get the laptop online and talk Alison into a) getting a blog, and b) doing Nano. Those little Romans should be a good inspiration.

Crystal said...

LOLOLOL!!! You sound so happy in reading this post sweet! GOOD FOR YOU!!! I love that Lord of the Rings poster and the bed cover!!! Glad your still having fun and can't wait to here from you!!!!

PS...Is that Irish advisor married, single, yours????? Do tell;o)

Adrian said...

This is a rarity. Pictures from private areas. I'll show in the future one of my bookshelves. Your photos are sweet and the pictures remind me of my past. The pictures show some details. You're no disco girl... I suppose so, right? You're exemplary in many things. I've some books too, but I can't see them well on the photo. But I'm no friend of video games, but everything can change in the future. Hopefully not everything with me. In many towns exist the children who grow up without literature. Many children and people know no children's books or single characters. But they know much dirty hiphop music and a lot of soccer. Not seldom they live with broken parents in broken relations. There are many sad relations.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Gabriele - Alyson already has a LiveJournal, and I think she has done NaNo, though it's fanfic she writes. I'll just steal Steve for November... :)

Crystal - Sadly, I think I remember seeing a ring. (forms elaborate kidnapping plan) >:)

Adrian - Thanks. Disco girl? Me? Certainly not! ;)

K.A. Denby said...

Did you travel back in time to get that monitor?

Kirsten Campbell said...

Monitor? You mean the telly? Don't you be dissing Old Faithful now; that TV serves me well. :)

K.A. Denby said...

That's a telly? That looks like a apple monitor circa 1982.

Anyway, I can't share your love of Romans, but I did note the original Star Wars poster, LOTR poster, and the Great Wave of Kanagawa hanging in your room. I've got the same print hanging above one of my katanas in the living room.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Lol. It does a bit. :)

(hugs TV and Marcus) Don't worry, guys. I love you just as you are.

You collect katanas? Cool! My sister has a martial arts practice sword on her bedroom wall (I think it's Tai Chi, but I don't know enough about martial arts to be certain).