Friday, October 31, 2008

A hail and farewell

My granda, John Campbell, passed away last night. He went peacefully, surrounded by my gran, my dad and my aunts and uncle. They said he was prepared, and that he spoke to everyone before he went. The parish priests came to the hospital, more as friends than priests, and gave him the last rites, which comforted him so much. He was the most devout man I know. I don't share his faith, but I'm glad they could give him that comfort before he passed.

I still can't quite believe it. My granda has been there all my life, and he was such a solid, strong presence. Like my dad, I thought he was immortal. He was such a good, honest, generous-hearted man, who didn't have an enemy in the world, and who worked so hard for years so his children wouldn't have to. And he was such an unflagging spirit, even till the end. My dad told me that when he went to visit him at the hospital, lying there on the life support, my granda, though he was barely conscious, he lifted off his oxygen mask and said, "Son... what wis the Celtic score?"

It was 3 - 1 to Celtic, so that must have made him happy.

I've been at my gran's house for most of the day with most of the family. She's heartbroken, but bearing up incredibly well. She's a strong woman, but I can't imagine how this is for her. But one of the last things my granda said was that he wanted us to all stick together, so that's what we're going to do. His family meant everything to him.

Goodbye, Granda. I'm sorry I couldn't be there when you passed, but I'll remember you and love you all my life. The Campbell family isn't complete without you.


Gabriele C. said...

I'm so sorry to hear, Kirsten. My condolences to you and your family.

May his memory stay with you.

Crystal said...

I'm sosososo sorry Kirsten to hear of your loss. (((HUGS)))

Jack Dixon said...

There's strength and courage in your post, Wee Pict. Hold it fast. My thoughts and my heart are with you.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Thank you, Gabriele, Crystal, Jack.