Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Latin, Latin, and more Latin

(Update, 16/10/08: All is not lost! An email from an unnamed student (though I know who, 'cause she told me), has reminded the lecturers that there are noobies. We now have vocab to learn, and apparently the translation will have a glossary, so my phantom state should only be for the next week or so. :D)

That's my current workload for uni. Let's break this down. I have four Latin classes a week: two translating letters, one doing an unseen translation, the other doing grammar. We have three different lecturers, and get work to do from each of them. Usually this is averages out at two letters a week, one passage for unseen, and one grammar worksheet.

In short, I have far too much bloody Latin work to do, and it's impacting the rest of my subjects, because I don't have the time to do extra studying for them.

Then there's the problem with the class. Last year, there were two Level One classes: one for absolute beginners, like me, and another, for people who had already done Latin at A Level or whatever. Those continuing into Level Two - from both classes - have been put in the same class, and it's made the whole thing very uneven, because we have the noobies and the advanced students doing the same work, the latter having at least two more years of Latin. What's more, the lecturers seem to have forgotten that there are noobies in the class at all, so we're sort of left floundering.

And what's more, our first test is next Thursday. It's worth twenty per cent of the overall grade. We're not allowed dictionaries. While I understand the logic behind this, it's put the noobies at a bit of a disadvantage, because the course we were on last year focused mostly on the grammar with little variation in vocabulary, and left us overly dependent on the dictionaries in that regard. In other words, while the advanced students have their three or so years' worth of vocab, us noobies are screwed. Because last year's course book sucked big time - and I hear this year's first years are using a different textbook.

Even that I could've dealt with, if we hadn't just been told this yesterday. The test in in a week's time. In other words, I've got about a week to learn at least a year's worth of vocab.

Worse, they're still giving us this massive amount of homework, so I'm barely able to find the time to learn any. If they'd just cut down on the amount of work they're giving us - like, for instance, not having us prepare the unseen translation, 'cause it's supposed to be - y'know - unseen.

So, I've so much work to do for Latin, I can't do the studying I need to do to pass this test, which is going to drag my overall score down. And that, in turn, is going to drag my grade point average down, and I'll need to get a good one to get into Honours.

To compensate for a bad Latin mark, of course, I have to get good ones in Archaeology and Celtic. But I don't have time to study for them, because I have all that sodding Latin work to do, and no sodding time to study the other two.

Did I mention I'm hoping to do a Joint Honours in Archaeology and Celtic Civilisation? Y'know, the two subjects I don't have time to study for. They're putting all these links and recommended reading lists online, and I have no. bloody. time.

Now let's add the essays onto that. I have the test next week, so I'll be trying to study for that this week. I have a Celtic essay due November 6, a Latin one due November 10, and an Archaeology one due November 11. Then there's this mysterious assessed worksheet we have to do for Archaeology, which was allegedly supposed to be given out during our first tutorial (three weeks ago). It's due in the end of October. We were given a worksheet to do during that tutorial, but I have a very vivid memory of my tutor saying that it wasn't an assessed piece. So I need to find out just what the hell is going on there.

The best one was one of my flatmates, who also ranted at length with me about the Latin situation, and about having no time to do any work... then promptly announced she was going out for the evening.


So it looks like I'm pretty much going to be a phantom online from now until November, if I'm to have half a chance of scraping a pass from my subjects.

How long is it till December? Seriously, I'm glad I only have to do Latin this term. I have the feeling I'll be dropping it after Christmas. Which sucks, because I love learning it, only the department is a complete fucking shambles.

See yous when I resurface.


Gabriele C. said...

Good luck with Latin. Those teachers really should take into account that some administation idiot put people of different levels in one class. *shakes head*

Let's hope you'll be over the worst until Nano. :)

Kirsten Campbell said...

I don't think it would've been so bad if it weren't for last year's textbook. We were the guinea pigs, and they obviously agree that it sucked, because the first years are using a different one this year. :(

I've still got four essays to do, but three of them are due in early November, so I should be pretty much free for NaNo. :)